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'Discovery' as exhibited in the British Pavilion at EXPO 92, Seville. It is made in fine bone china and stands just under four feet or 122cm in height. Angela won a competition to design a sculpture based on the theme Discovery for Royal Doulton to be displayed in the VIP reception area of the British Pavilion as part of their sponsorship, Discovery being the theme of the Expo.

The brief for the design was that it had to incorporate the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. In the sculpture these elements are interpreted as follows: the Earth was represented by the slight dome she was standing on, the Air was the wind blowing her hair and dress, the Water was the waves round her feet, and the Fire was the glow (produced by a special hologram) in the crystal , which was the Discovery.

"I found this a technically challenging sculpture to do as it had to have the minimum of support inside, and such support as there was had to be easily removed. This was due to the special type of moulding technique needed for slip casting, which meant that the figure had to be cut up into manageable pieces so that the plaster moulds would not be too big to handle .I therefore had to bear this mind when designing the piece and had to have exterior supports when executing it" 

It was the largest fine china model ever produced on the site of the Royal Doulton figure factory in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, involving 24 separate mould parts and about 50 gallons of slip ( liquid clay) to make the figure. Because of its size , great technical problems had to be overcome in the assembly and firing, and it took about twenty attempts before a successful figure was produced. At the temperature at which it was fired , 1250 degrees centigrade for ten hours, the clay contracts by 12% and becomes molten and is under great stress, so the figure was prone to distortion and had to be supported by special props to support the figure during the firing and in one of these props alone ten gallons of slip were used. It took about twenty attempts in order to get one without cracks, twists or flaws. The crystal held in her hand was made by Royal Doulton Crystal at Stourbridge featured a special hologram.

The making of the Large discovery featured on ITV Central news SEE YOUTUBE CLIP BELOW and in BBC's 'A History of the World'where it was voted the peoples choice for Stoke-on-Trent region .

SEE LINK  A history of the world